Ask Latitude Group Travel: How can I combine subjects on my upcoming educational tour?

Educational travel and touring is back in 2023 – and we couldn’t be more excited! Since late last year, we’ve been getting more and more enquiries from teachers around Australia, who are looking ahead to plan travel at the end of 2023 and into 2024.

Over the next few weeks we’d like to share some of the best enquiries with you, as they contain some common themes and may help you if you’re in the early stages of considering travel for your student groups. Of course, this is general advice only – please reach out to us to discuss specific plans for your school.

Our first enquiry is from a teacher hoping to take language students to Italy in 2024. They had a great question about combining subjects and getting better value for money.

Dear Latitude Group Travel,

Ciao! I am looking at organising a school study trip to Italy for my Italian language students, but the school would also need to include Art and Ancient History students as well to get the numbers. Can you help me decide the best possible locations to visit, where students would participate in language and cultural activities?

NSW Modern Languages Teacher

This is a fantastic question. It’s worth starting with a key point – we think combining subjects on any educational tour is an opportunity that should be taken wherever possible. It’s not just about “making the numbers”, although of course that helps.

In our article from the end of last year, we highlighted two main benefits to combining subjects:

  1. By incorporating more subjects, you are reaching more students. We believe all students deserve the opportunity to participate in educational travel opportunities, not just those who are studying particular subjects. This helps you to achieve that aim.
  2. You will ensure the efficiency and economic viability of your school tours. This is because of the simple fact that the more people who travel in a group, the better deals and value you will get.

In other words, it’s not just about making the numbers work. It’s also a more inclusive approach in terms of your school cohort.

What’s more, it can even introduce students to career paths they hadn’t considered, and probably wouldn’t have – had they not gained exposure through “cross-pollination” on a combined tour.

A great example of this was a recent Arts/Performing Arts tour we hosted for one secondary school. One student who was there for the Visual Arts components, also ended up experiencing a stage make-up workshop. They had never considered this as a potential career, but later told their teacher it could be a perfect fit for their interests and skillset, let alone something they needed to learn for a future career on the stage.

The second part of your question touches on a very valid concern when it comes to combining subjects on educational tours – picking the right mix of experiences and destinations to achieve the best outcomes for everyone.

This is why choosing the right educational touring partner is so important. They will have the expertise to make these suggestions, and will also be focused on the educational merit for each group on the tour. They will also suggest the right amount of experiential learning activities and outcomes, rather than sightseeing trips.

One of the most complex itineraries we have managed in the past few years combined Italian Language, French Language, Renaissance History, WWI and WWII Histories, Fascism and Art on a single itinerary. It was highly complex to plan and manage, but we found a way to place enough emphasis on each subject group, as well as combining subject groups in relevant activities wherever possible.

We do know of educational touring providers who claim to offer itineraries with combined subjects, but a deeper look at their itineraries reveals the merit and substance for some subject areas is lacking.

So to sum it up: combine, combine, combine to your heart’s content when planning an educational tour – with one word of caution, and that is to make sure you have the right partner supporting you to get the best outcomes for your young learners.

We hope you enjoy Italy and your students come back inspired, motivated and full of renewed curiosity for their subjects!

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Latitude Group Travel is Australia’s leading provider of educational, experiential learning tours for late primary and secondary school students. We’re committed to helping teachers and their students bring their classroom learnings to life by creating memorable and unique experiences. Our itineraries allow your group to take in iconic sights combined with as many classes, workshops, themed guided tours or subject related activities as you wish.

We also specialise in combining multiple subjects in a single itinerary, so parents will know they’re getting greater value for their money.

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