Educational Student Tours of Europe

There is so much to learn from and about Europe, where the history of civilisation stretches back centuries – and even Millennia. Latitude Group Travel embarks on European student tours that enrich young minds with fun, engaging and exciting adventures too, around and beyond the Grand Old Continent.

Europe is quite simply a living, breathing history lesson, with every single village, town, city, province, country, and region just waiting to tell and teach you their fascinating stories. Latitude Group Travel proudly presents action-packed, fun-filled and truly educationally inspiring student tours Europe wide that enrich and enhance every child’s understanding of the wonderful world around them.

Whether it’s the Acropolis, where Socrates once stood and pondered that “True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing”. Or Geneva, where the amazing Hadron Collider is proving to visitors that science, reason, innovation, space, and history always lie well beyond mere classrooms and textbooks. Latitude Group Travel presents history, science and space tours that thrill, educate and inspire all at the same time.

Europe is the epicentre of the last three centuries of Western progress, from the birth of modern thinking in London in the 1700s to the technological marvel of the present day. But European history, culture, language, politics, art and law stretch all the way back to prehistory, which preceded Ancient Greece, the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, the Holy Wars, revolution and the enlightenment, bloody World Wars and beyond.

Latitude Group Travel’s educational student tours teach children through visits to iconic and surprising locations with a range of fun, experimental, hands-on and above all fun voyages, experiences and activities. The fields of STEM, languages, history, geography, the arts, business, economics, politics & law, and so much more are all thoroughly explored and respected, so discover Latitude Group Travel’s student tours of Europe today!


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