Educational Student Tours In New Zealand

New Zealand. Unparalleled Learning Opportunities

From the dynamic bustle of its urban centres to the awe-inspiring majesty of its national parks, New Zealand presents students with an endless range of fascinating opportunities to engage with culture, history, science, the environment and so much more. With a friendly face around every corner, this vibrant nation’s outsized generosity offers school groups a safe and welcoming international destination in which to pursue their educational endeavours.

New Zealand Educational Tours Offer Significant Student Outcomes

Engage and excite students with relevant, real-world learning opportunities 

Provide innovative ways to extend students’ learning outside of the classroom

Gain access to leading experiential learning activities

Connect students to the future of work

Develop students’ essential human skills such as leadership, resilience, emotional intelligence, teamwork and independence

Offer students exciting international travel opportunities after a challenging time during the pandemic

Discover Our Suite of New Zealand Educational Tours

With the Australia-New Zealand travel bubble up and running, students will be raring to go with an interactive educational tour that expands their horizons beyond the Tasman. Latitude Group Travel seeks out the latest experiential learning activities to ensure your custom-designed tour provides students with engaging opportunities that are relevant to any and every subject.

From the frosty peaks of Aoraki / Mount Cook to the serene wilderness of Milford Sound, New Zealand offers a spectacular range of environments to make your real-world classroom. Get intrepid with a trip to the Waitomo Caves to study the illuminating spectacle of glow-worms that twinkle like stars, or walk up to Mount Eden, the dormant volcano that towers over Auckland, to investigate how this natural wonder came to be.

The Māori people have called Aotearoa (the Māori name for their country) home for over 700 years, and during this time have developed rich cultural traditions that they continue to practice to this day. Learn about the history of the haka – the ceremonial dance made world-famous by the All Blacks rugby team, relish a Māori feast prepared by hāngi – a traditional method of cooking using a pit oven, and explore the significance of tā moko – intricate facial tattoos that play an important role in Māori identity.

Humanities students will find fertile ground upon which to expand their critical thinking skills as they study the controversial Treaty of Waitangi, New Zealand’s participation in both World Wars, and the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior. They learn how these events, and many others, have shaped New Zealand into the proud, diverse nation it is today.

The wealth of educational opportunities available in New Zealand are brought into sharp focus by Latitude Group Travel’s school tours that are tailor-made to connect with the Australian curriculum, so students continue to develop their skills and knowledge beyond the classroom while enjoying the experience of a lifetime!


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