The whole tour opened my mind to new innovations and ideas

I really enjoyed the space simulation. You really felt like you were actually there on a mission. The staff were great and made the experience so much more exciting

I now understand what I plan to do after school, so now I can focus on what to put most effort into and also what I need to try harder in

The entire tour was amazing and it would be impossible to pick just one thing that was my favourite but if I had to I would say leaving Sydney airport to embark on this wonderful journey!!

I believe the itinerary that was put together was fantastic.

I learned things that could help with my future such as how to be fashion designer or be a journalist.

It gives me a better sense of the diversity and broadness of the world.

Overall Jeff was the best tour director anyone could have asked for. He was literally a walking encyclopaedia with high knowledge of every place we went to and he kept everyone safe and mostly stress free when riding the subways. I would definitely recommend him again! Thanks Jeff!

Going to the [manufacturing company] was my favourite activity! I think that it was a great experience and got me thinking about engineering as a possible career

My favourite activity was the one where we got to talk to the female pilot. This was my favourite because we got to learn what it’s like to work in a male environment and be the only female.

The best thing was being able learn about things that I never would’ve imagined myself learning

Loved all of the instructors they all seemed interested in what they were teaching us and was always prepared when asked questions.

I believe this trip has provided me with a greater understanding of the world around me. I have become more independent and organised over the two weeks we spent in the US.

I loved the tour. It was an experience that I will never forget. It was great to see a whole different culture and to be able to practise speaking and interacting with locals


Seeing 59 students who were genuinely excited about Science, innovation, Engineering, Maths! The philosophy of the program was authentically lived by the students overseas

The students saw how STEM is integrated in a multifaceted way through all of the places we went to, the things we saw and the workshops and activities that they participated in.

The [Museum] and [the manufacturer] were fantastic as they involved inspiring people in conjunction with direct experience of the technology

The tour was a great opportunity for the girls to network with both peers and professionals and see themselves as active entrepreneurs and innovators

Students do not have the resources to see the impact that learning can have on their future. This [tour] allowed students to make connections between the classroom and the world

The most exciting tour outcome for me was the fostering of a potential vision of possible career opportunities in the minds of receptive students

The students were in general excited to be on tour. Comments like “oh we are actually seeing this for real” makes you realise it was all worth it.

All I can say was that Simon is an outstanding guide. The students adored him, followed him everywhere, listened intently and really appreciated his knowledge. If he didn’t know something he would find out for us. He is easy going and communicative. Also understanding to our needs if we wanted something changed.

What was amazing was the access to exceptional venues which showcased future vocational opportunities for our girls

Wow…. the whole program! it was a life-long learning encounter which I will continue to draw from. A lot of the information I can use in teaching year 7 and 8 Technology

The tour was an incredible learning and discovery opportunity for the girls and (of course!!) I loved the workshops designed for them

The workshops were brilliant and the educators were fantastic

This tour has cemented the importance to take students on excursion and see the world, gain experiences and the value in that.

The tour has increased students’ appreciation of their course work and excited them. It increased their capacity to travel and experience first-hand learning.


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