Canberra School Tours

Each year, many thousands of Australian students travel with their teachers to Canberra.

Student tours to Canberra further understanding and engagement in Civics and Citizenship, Australian History, STEM and/or Astronomy.

Latitude Group Travel custom designs its tours to Canberra based on your specific curriculum and desired learning outcomes. Our expertise enables us to develop or identify specific, curriculum-linked, experiential learning activities to engage your students in active learning.

Can’t find what you need? No problem. We can custom design a program for you!

Canberra in Motion
Designed for: Year 7-10

What does it take to become an active and informed citizen?

Explore respect, civility, equity, justice and responsibility in the heart of the nation with a Civics and Citizenship tour highlighting the knowledge and skills necessary to question, understand and contribute to our democracy.

Experience the best Canberra has to offer with a wide range of experiential learning activities at PACER approved institutions, discover the determination of athletes at the Australian Institute of Sport, cruise Lake Burley Griffin and pay your respects to our soldiers past and present who fell in defence and service to our country.

Tour Highlights:

  • Take a cruise on Lake Burley Griffin
  • Engage in an experiential workshop at the Museum of Australian Democracy
  • Experience democracy in action at Parliament House
  • Tour the High Court of Australia
  • Discover how the Australian electoral system operates with an education program at the Electoral Education Centre
  • Explore the National Science and Technology Centre with a guided tour and hands-on workshop

This program can be tailored to your individual needs. Please contact us for further information.

Beyond Federation
Designed for: Senior Students

Go beyond federation with a civics and citizenship experiential learning tour exclusively designed for senior secondary students.

Students explore their role in a broader part of society that extends beyond their city, town or school communities and gain a deeper understanding of their current and future rights and responsibilities as citizens of Australia with this dynamic learning tour that explores the development of fake news, democracy, Indigenous rights and culture, Australian social enterprise, not-for-profits and how students of all ages, from all cities, towns and regions in Australia united in a fight for climate change.

Tour Highlights:

  • Experience Canberra with an Orientation experience highlighting some of our capitals most significant landmarks
  • Meet with traditional custodians of the Canberra region and explore Ngunnawal culture and heritage with a guided hike, bush tucker cooking class and medicine workshop
  • Discover how we get our information and why it matters with an engaging workshop at the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia
  • Explore how a social enterprise and not-for-profit develops solutions to support homeless, margianalised and disadvantaged people in Australia
  • Explore the Australian Defence Force Academy on a guided tour and build your leadership and teamwork skills with a custom created bootcamp program
  • Spend a day exploring democracy and law making with a comprehensive program Parliament House

This program can be tailored to your individual needs. Please contact us for further information.

Canberra STEM
Designed for: Senior Students

Witness the forefront of cutting-edge technology with a STEM experiential learning tour exclusively designed for senior secondary students

Students will have the opportunity to visit some of Australia’s most cutting edge STEM enterprises, labs, research centres and innovation hubs in Australia’s capital city. This immersive tour is designed to facilitate critical-thinking and problem-solving skills in students to develop modern solutions to rapidly evolving issues such as climate change, wildlife endangerment, and sustainability.

Tour Highlights:

depth studies STEM
  • Engage with ecologists in a twilight guided tour to discuss the effects of climate change and human activity on nocturnal wildlife
  • Undertake water sampling and vegetation surveys to identify the types of invertebrates residing in freshwater ponds and determine key factors that affect biodiversity in this environment
  • Witness how items in your yellow bin are sorted, processed and recycled in an eye-opening guided tour of a recycling facility
  • Explore Australia’s contributions in space exploration and discover the latest developments such as missions and images being returned from space

This program can be tailored to your individual needs. Please contact us for further information.


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