Community Learning Programs

Re-exploring how we engage positively with communities to make sustainable change

If your school is considering a Service Learning program or a way to contribute to the global community, our Community Learning Programs are a modern evolution of this traditional type of program, building resilience, leadership and inspiration in students.

We believe it is the time to reimagine how we engage positively with local communities, both domestically and internationally.

There is a much broader way in which young people can contribute to the wider world beyond the physical volunteering or ‘community doing’ so commonly included in traditional Service Learning. There is mounting evidence that physical ‘voluntourism’ promoting village building often causes more harm than good and perpetuates deficit mindsets. Schools have a duty of care both to overseas communities as well as to their own students to ensure they are not participating in programs which do not fulfil their purpose.

Learning is the
core objective

By placing ‘learning’ at their core, our Community Learning Programs allow schools and students to delve into some of the world’s greatest challenges. Operating through a curriculum-aligned thematic, chosen by the school, students engage with the structural challenges of communities, gaining a deeper understanding of the host destination, and the people working from within communities for change. The intention is for young people to carry this newly gained understanding to inspire a meaningful contribution to systemic change throughout their lives.

Aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals the Programs deliver an impactful, safe and real-world learning opportunity, empowering student sense of achievement and engagement.

The Programs teach the ’why’ skills of civic participation, they engage students in critical thinking and develop an ethic of social justice and equitable responsibility. Community Learning Programs offer a lifelong engagement with service that is underpinned by sound, applied understandings of the myriad ways in which students can serve the global community.

Our Process


and understand

The school community determines their destination and the major themes and challenges they wish to explore. The student voice is a core component in the long term success of these Programs, maximising student engagement from the get go!

Our Process


and curriculum

Our research specialists identify locations within the destination that support your desired learning outcomes and experiences. They ensure that interactions support applied learning aligned to the three dimensional curriculum perspectives.

Our Process


& Presentation

Our team will present your curated Program to the school, parents and students. We are available to answer any questions and provide advice, while also including an in-country, on-the-ground co-ordinator to also join the meeting via zoom, in order to be able to respond to questions in real-time. We are always there to support the process - from conception to execution.

Our Process


Meaningful Outcomes

By fostering student agency in the crafting of the tour for your school, this program can become long-term, deeply meaningful and a program of which the school and community can be exceptionally proud. Over time, the school will develop a richer understanding of the destination's challenges, get a first-hand understanding of micro and macro community issues and build deep relationships with non-government changemakers and government organisations through learning the "how", "why" and "when" of embedding programs into the community to create sustainable change. In turn, this will initiate an ongoing, profound contribution to a cause about which the school is passionate.

Creating a Community Learning Program for your school

Elements of the Community Learning Program can include a tailored trekking experience, development studies, independent study project, comparative religions, fieldwork, citizen science, sustainability and cultural and community engagement.

Contact us now to partner in the development of a unique program, crafted with you and your students, connecting them to the world in an ethical, purposeful and meaningful way.

“The wide range of activities and contrast of places for students was excellent. Having a tour manager the whole time meant that we could focus more on the students and the fun aspects of the trip. It took a lot of pressure off us.”

St Pius X High School - Tastes of Europe Tour 2019

“Absolutely brilliant!!! Organisation was excellent, accommodation very good, meals fantastic, everything was so good.”

Woolooware High School - Ancient Greece Tour 2019

“Latitude Group Travel were excellent in designing our tour and making it a reality. Their support both prior and during the tour made everything run smoothly and our students had a memorable experience.”

Hale School - Melbourne Tennis Tour 2020

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