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Take your students on an adventure through all things History with an Australian Latitude Group Travel school group tour.


Our team of Research Specialists have designed a suite of subject based or General Capability focussed educational programs. Additionally, we can custom design a curriculum-linked history tour, unique to the needs and requirements of your school and students, should you require something more specific. The Latitude Group Travel formula for success will save you time, provide peace of mind through comprehensive safety protocols and provide access for your students to the world’s best experiential learning activities. 

With our rich history and heritage, Australia is the perfect destination to provide students with real-world, experiential learning opportunities, that they cannot get within the classroom. 

Step back in time and uncover a story that is uniquely ours. Immerse yourself in an old-town cultural village, experience life in a migrant camp, discover how propaganda was used to form public opinion and learn about the impacts of WWI and WWII. This truly unique tour allows us to see where we came from, discover who we are and imagine what we can become.

Tour Highlights:

  • Discover the impact that the World Wars had on Australian Immigration while participating in an interactive workshop
  • Analyse primary artefacts, documents and historical materials from Victoria’s early colonial history
  • Explore the events that lead to the battle at Eureka Stockade, as well as the consequences and impacts it had on the young Australian population
  • Experience an emotional Last Post Ceremony
  • Learn about one of the most significant legal cases in Australian history, that recognised the rights of the Meriam people (traditional owners of the Murray Islands); The Mabo Case

This program can be tailored to your individual needs. It can also be adapted to other year levels or to be in one location/state. Please contact us for further information.

First Nations people have lived in Australia for over 50,000 years, making them the oldest continuing culture in the world. Unlock the secrets to their longevity and gain a deeper understanding of the incredible diversity of Indigenous cultural practices by Discovering Ancient Australia. Traverse the alien landscape of Lake Mungo with Traditional Owners of the land, gaze in wonder at the ancient rock carvings at Mutawintji National Park, and learn how Aboriginal peoples have traditionally passed down culinary and medicinal knowledge through the generations. Students will relish the chance to appreciate local history as taught by First Nations elders and guides.

Tour Highlights:

  • Walk the Living Desert to spot artist Lawrence Beck’s twelve giant sandstone sculptures
  • Learn how First Nations people approached everyday life by uncovering the remains of ancient tools and fireplaces in Mutawintji National Park
  • Follow ancient footsteps at Lake Mungo (literally!) that date back to the ice age, thought to be among the oldest ever found in Australia
  • Take a medicinal bush tucker tour that will teach students the healing properties of local plants and familiarise them with the ways in which Indigenous knowledge is passed down
  • Discuss Aboriginal spiritual practices with Elders and participate in a traditional smoking ceremony
  • In addition to learning about Indigenous History, take a tour of the historic Silverton Mine in Broken Hill, and learn how miners lived and worked in the late nineteenth century

This program can be tailored to your individual needs. It can also be adapted to other year levels or to be in one location/state. Please contact us for further information.

Diversity is Australia’s greatest strength – whether it be the melting pot of cultures, both ancient and modern, living together, or the vast range of distinctive ecosystems and landscapes. Discover the ways in which History and Geography intertwine by visiting the fascinating Flying Boat Museum at Lake Boga, by sampling traditional bush tucker on a tour of the Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement led by an Aboriginal Educator, and by kayaking through the maze of swamps and billabongs along the Murray River while learning about the challenges faced by this delicate environment. Students can connect knowledge gained from a range of academic disciplines to form a more complete picture of the country they call home.

Tour Highlights:

  • Discover the turtle lagoon of Lake Boga and tour the local Flying Boat Museum to learn about the region’s integral role in Allied defence during World War II
  • Immerse yourself in the unique Mallee townships of early twentieth-century Victoria
  • Enjoy the “Heartbeat of the Murray” Laser Spectacular that traces the history of the region from thirty million years ago to today
  • Explore the emerging cosmopolitan centre of Mildura and uncover its history as an irrigation colony
  • Get active with a race across the Sunraysia region, where students will develop leadership and teamwork skills in a series of dynamic activities at various sites
  • Wonder at the ancient landscape of Mungo National Park, where human remains dating back 42,000 years have been discovered

This program can be tailored to your individual needs. It can also be adapted to other year levels or to be in one location/state. Please contact us for further information.


We’re committed to helping teachers and their students bring History to life, by creating memorable and unique experiences.

Rather than just sightseeing, which is often what is provided for a History tour, we provide activities and projects to help your students develop critical thinking skills, to assist them in understanding primary and secondary sources and to engage them in active learning of the History subject you have chosen. We even develop our own projects for you, when workshops and other externally driven activities are not available. These are free of charge, but add value to the learning process by using observation, questions, answers, investigation and discussion. The projects commence in situ on tour and are completed on the group’s return, resulting in real learning and a tangible outcome that can be shared with others, if you wish

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  • Ancient History
  • Modern History
  • Australian History
  • Global Empires
  • Revolutions
  • Twentieth Century History
  • International Baccalaureate DP
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