Educational Student Tours of America

There is hardly a more popular, diverse, surprising, and truly inspiring an educational world travel destination than the USA, which is why Latitude Group Travel is so proud of its student tours to the land of the Stars and Stripes.

Whether it’s the soaring heights and sprawling metropolis of the Big Apple or the incredible history and deep power of Washington, or tracing the trail of the American Revolutionary War, the possibilities for learning and adventure are endless with Latitude Group Travel’s student tours USA wide.

Is there a better learning environment than the place students from all over the world already know so well from TV, Hollywood, and music? The Land of Opportunity offers truly astonishing educational experiences for students of every age. Whether it’s the Civil Rights movement, the pinnacle of art and enterprise, or breathtaking natural wonders unlike anything else in the world, America is the very epicentre for learning-rich educational tours exploring history, politics, law, economics and more.

In 1969, the world stood still to watch Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon for the first time, and now Latitude Group Travel’s space tours take another small step with mind-expanding and fully immersive explorations of space, science, exploration and progress. Latitude Group Travel embarks on educational student tours USA wide that allow children to explore how the New World turned into the culture-defining civilisation it is today.

Discover fascinating history, science, space and other educational tours of the US with Latitude Group Travel, where every curiosity is met and no student will ever be the same again!


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