Educational Student Tours In Australia

Australia. A Real-World Classroom Like No Other

Australia has some of the world’s most dramatic natural landscapes, biodiverse ecosystems, multicultural and vibrant cities and forward-thinking corporations. From its incredible history and heritage to an unapologetic appreciation of the Arts, Australia offers an incredible breadth of educational and experiential opportunities. 

Australian Educational Tours Offer Significant Student Outcomes

Engage and excite students with relevant, real-world learning opportunities 

Provide innovative ways to extend students’ learning outside of the classroom

Gain access to leading experiential learning activities

Connect students to the future of work in Australia 

Develop students’ essential human skills such as leadership, resilience, emotional intelligence, teamwork and independence

Complement international student tour programs with local options and support the Australian tourism industry!

Discover Our Suite of Australian Educational Tours

1 - 4 Day Immersion Programs

Truly diverse and definitely Down Under, Australia is as welcoming as it is captivating. It’s the place we call home – Latitude Group Travel’s educational student tours of Australia are expanding, enticing and enriching young minds with incredible educational adventures that are fun, factual and fascinating.

The native flora and fauna is just as diverse and spectacular, with native species like the platypus, wombat and Lemon-Scented Gum tree able to capture the imagination of the entire world. From tropical to temperate, the sweltering and freezing Australian climate is just as world-famous. This makes it the perfect place for field studies and science tours Australian students will love. As with all STEM tours at Latitude Group Travel, we can design your tour based around the curriculum you teach!

Australia is full of spectacular natural landmarks like Uluru (Ayers Rock), the Great Barrier Reef and the Twelve Apostles. Australia is just as well known for its man-made wonders like Sydney’s Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and iconic sporting Meccas like the MCG.

Truly multicultural and where people of every background now call home or their favourite destination, Australia is a young nation with a 65,000-year-old Indigenous population and a breathtaking range of deserts, mountains, rainforests, rivers and tropical islands to explore and learn from.

Claimed by Britain’s Captain Cook and made into a penal colony at the end of the 18th century, Australia has thrived through gold rushes, extreme droughts and crucial involvement in World Wars to be one of the most prosperous, peaceful and egalitarian modern societies on the planet. With Latitude Group Travel’s educational tours for students in Australia, you too can expand your horizons with unforgettable, engaging history tours by immersing yourself in the lucky country.


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