Responsible Travel Commitments

Our commitment to social, environmental & economic responsibility

Every person has a story, every culture has a history and every environment has a purpose – it’s how we interact with the people, the stories, the cultures, the histories and the environments which matters most. Latitude Group Travel is driven to protect the planet we live on and the people who live on it.

Rethinking the
way we travel

Latitude Group Travel is dedicated to creating opportunities for positive student engagement with global communities. It is this mantra that is driving us to provide sustainable, ethical and rewarding tours for all. In doing so, we offer schools a more socially conscious way of travelling.

Our underlying focus in every tour is to inspire students through the power of ethical and multi-perspective learning.

Carbon Neutral Business

We measure your carbon and offer verified global projects to offset this carbon

  • We have created our very own Australian Government aligned carbon calculator that tracks your carbon footprint across flights, transport, activities and accommodation
  • We work in Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Offset Markets, so you can be confident that your carbon emissions are now doing good!

Carbon Neutral Business

We integrate sustainability action into each and every tour program

  • We consciously structure our travel to minimise emissions
  • We create inspirational opportunities for students to socially, environmentally and economically understand community
  • We understand our value chain and actively procure like-minded businesses
  • We collaborate with our partners to celebrate their sustainability journey
  • We engage with community and family run businesses
  • Our programs are aligned to the Reconciliation Action Plan framework and we seamlessly integrate the Australian Curriculum Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures priority within our tours
  • We champion the Australian cross-curriculum priority of Sustainability across all our tours

Carbon Neutral Business

Achieve Climate Active Carbon Neutral Certification by 2023

  • We have identified, we have measured and we have calculated and we aim to reduce through our carbon management strategy
  • Each member of our team is committed to a personal and professional sustainability journey

Reconciliation in Education

We develop our educational touring programs in accordance with the Narragunnawali Reconciliation in Education framework giving Schools the opportunity to integrate Australian curriculum elaborations and descriptions according to the particular subject content.

The alignment to your Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) provides active learning opportunities for Schools, enabling students to respectfully connect with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, culture and perspectives in a transdisciplinary capacity. This approach supports the cross-curriculum priority of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures.