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travelling with kids

13 Expert Tips to Make Travelling with Kids Easier

Here at Latitude Group Travel, we know all too well that getting out of your comfort zone opens your eyes to a world of exciting and brilliant new possibilities. But before that amazing potential can be realised, you need to…
101 facts about space for kids

101 Space Facts For Smart Kids! (Infographic)

We are off to space! Take your mind on a mission of discovery through our solar system, to the furthest reaches of the Milky Way with these out of this world facts about space for kids! Nearly everyone has a fascination…
depth studies STEM


Connecting Classroom Learning and the Real-World through innovative STEM programs for Australia’s students The Australian Industry Group’s report Developing the Workforce for a Digital Future has identified that “STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skills will be required in many of…
Outside BMW World's iconic towers

Educational tour takes students “to the forefront of science”

Educational Programs I Teaching Resources  Latitude Group Travel is a curator of educational experiences, and in 2016, Rosebank College took 50 students on a Latitude STEM tour with a difference. If Sir Ken Robinson was correct when he said, “we…