Take a STEP UP from Service Learning tours, to our bespoke Community Learning Programs

Enhance and broaden your students’ educational journey to becoming active global citizens.

Our Community Learning Programs are a modern evolution of traditional Service Learning, building resilience, leadership and inspiration in students, while maintaining an ethical and honest approach.

It’s time to reimagine how we engage positively with local communities, both domestically and internationally.

There is a much broader way in which young people can contribute to the wider world beyond the physical volunteering or ‘community doing’ so commonly included in traditional Service Learning.

Operating through a curriculum-aligned thematic, chosen by the school, students engage with the structural challenges of communities, gaining a deeper understanding of the host destination, and the people working from within communities for change. The intention is for young people to carry this newly gained understanding to inspire a meaningful contribution to systemic change, throughout their lives.

Aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals the Programs deliver an impactful, safe and real-world learning opportunity, empowering student sense of achievement and engagement.

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