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Do you want to reignite your students’ excitement and engagement with your subject, but don’t have capacity to take them on tour? Our short (one to four day) local excursions, filled with quality activities and workshops, are the answer!

Excursions can be run in any major city across Australia, with some activities in regional areas. Each excursion is custom designed to match your curriculum, desired learning outcomes, budget and individual requirements.


Are you looking for ways to expand your students’ vocabulary, improve their accents and build confidence? A short, yet engaging language excursion right here in Australia may be the answer. You don’t have to travel overseas to gain real-world experience! Your students can fast track their skills while simultaneously being immersed in creative, cultural and experiential learning activities.

Popular Languages: French | Italian | Chinese | Japanese

Discover The Benefits Of An Australian-Based Language Excursion


Participating in our language excursions can elicit the following learning outcomes:

  • Fast track their language proficiency through intensive classes
  • Participate in meaningful, intercultural experiences, through cooking classes, artistic analysis (art, theatre, music, literature), guided tours of cultural districts, workshops, meeting local characters and subject matter experts
  • Have opportunities to develop all four abilities (speaking, listening, reading and writing), focusing on the speaking
  • Revise and improve their vocabulary and grammar
  • Learn about the culture through an Australian perspective


From macaron making to tea blending, no matter what language you teach, we will immerse your students in relevant cultural activities.

  • Immersive Tea Blending Workshop, with a focus on the culture of your choice
  • Interactive Cooking Classes, specific to the culture of your choice
  • Conversational language bike tours of your closest city, with a strong focus on your chosen culture
  • Culturally relevent sports and recreational activities, hosted in the native language of your choice (e.g. Pétanque in French)
  • Martial Arts and Meditation class, hosted in the language of your choice


To find request a sample itinerary, or to have a custom itinerary created for your school, please contact us NOW.

Prepare young people to thrive in the future of STEM with access to Australia’s leading real-world, educational experiences. If you’re looking for a way to excite and engage your students in STEM, or perhaps to provide STEM extension opportunities, an Australian educational tour program could be the solution! On our short and impactful excursions, your students will gain access to leading STEM businesses, agencies and facilities and meet the inspiring individuals who are designing Australia’s future.

Popular Focus Areas: Space | Ecology | Marine Biology | Chemistry | Physics | Mathematics | Engineering | Robotics

Discover The Benefits Of An Australian-Based STEM Excursion

Man in space in front of space station and moon


Participating in our STEM excursions can return the following learning outcomes:

  • Gain awareness of what is possible in the Australian STEM industry – forging pathways to future careers
  • Deepen understanding of key components taught in your chosen curriculum
  • Meet key leaders within Australia’s STEM industries
  • Acquire practical ‘field skills’ within a number of STEM focus areas


From immersive space training to critical-thinking design challenges, we will immerse your students in a world of STEM for one to four days and leave them with a lifelong engagement with STEM.

  • Participate in a fire ecology workshop, gathering real time data on the impacts of fire and assist in building the database using GIS mapping
  • Celebrate the 60000-year-old history of Aboriginal celestial storytelling under the stars in an interactive guided tour
  • Participate in a ‘Chemistry of Coffee’ workshop: How controlling the variables plays a crucial role in producing the perfect cup of coffee
  • Engage with a scientist to explore cutting-edge bionic technologies

To find request a sample itinerary, or to have a custom itinerary created for your school, please contact us NOW.

Step back in time and uncover a story that is uniquely ours. With our rich history and heritage, Australia is the perfect destination to provide students with real-world, experiential learning opportunities, that they cannot get within the classroom. Immerse yourself in an old-town cultural village, experience life in a migrant camp, discover how propaganda was used to form public opinion and learn about the impacts of WWI and WWII. Our truly unique excursions allow us to see where we came from, discover who we are and imagine what we can become.

Popular Destinations: Regional Victoria | Sydney | Central Australia

Discover The Benefits Of An Australian-Based History Excursion


Students will reflect on our unique past, observe our current position in History and look forward into the future.

  • Increased awareness of our unique History
  • Discover the impact that the World Wars had on Australian Immigration
  • The ability to analyse primary artefacts, documents and historical materials
  • An increased perception of the ‘self’, and how we got to where we are
  • Understand challenges faced by previous generations and migrants


From immersive workshops to hands-on activities, students will fully immerse themselves in the History of Australia in our one to four-day immersion program.

  • Explore the events that lead to the battle at Eureka Stockade, as well as the consequences and impacts it had on the young Australian population
  • Experience an emotional Last Post Ceremony
  • Learn about one of the most significant legal cases in Australian history, that recognised the rights of the Meriam people (traditional owners of the Murray Islands); The Mabo Case
  • Discover the oldest humans remains in Australia; Mungo Lady and Mungo Man

To find request a sample itinerary, or to have a custom itinerary created for your school, please contact us NOW.

Inspire the artist and performing artists of tomorrow with an Australian Latitude Group Travel school group Arts excursion. Visit prestigious art and performing art spaces, develop relationships with leading industry professionals, perform at world-renowned venues and learn new techniques from professional artists and performers, all in a one to four-day excursion.

Popular Destinations: Melbourne | Sydney | Brisbane | Gold Coast

Discover The Benefits Of An Australian-Based Arts Excursion


Our Arts excursions will expose students to their various career opportunities here in Australia, making The Arts a viable career path to pursue.

  • Meet and learn from leading industry professionals
  • Fine-tune performance skills in various art forms
  • Learn tactics and methods to prepare for auditions
  • Real-life application of classroom skills


From Digeridoo workshops to Street Art practicals, your students will be immersed in a world of The Arts.

  • ‘Psychology of Performers, from Studio to Stage’ full day workshop
  • Participate in ‘The Ultimate Dance Class Experience’
  • Camera Craft workshop with introduction to Adobe Lightroom
  • Cultural Awareness and Indigenous Art Painting Workshop
  • Perform at a prestigious Australian venue

To find request a sample itinerary, or to have a custom itinerary created for your school, please contact us NOW.

Our excursions are custom designed and can run from one day through to four days, depending on your preferences and budget.

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