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Prepare students to thrive in the world of STEM with access to cutting-edge, interactive educational experiences in New Zealand.

If you’re looking for a way to excite and engage your students in STEM, or perhaps to provide STEM extension opportunities, a New Zealand educational tour program could be the solution!

New Zealand offers innovative, industry-leading educational experiences in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Your students will meet the inspiring individuals and teams working across a range of businesses, agencies and facilities who apply STEM principles every day in pursuit of building a sustainable, efficient, prosperous New Zealand.

Our team of Research Specialists have designed a suite of educational programs to develop future STEM leaders.

Can’t find what you need? No problem. We can custom design a program for you!

For students studying Biology, Physics and/or Earth and Environmental Sciences, New Zealand offers ample opportunities to step into the role of scientist. Led by experts in the field, students participate in a range of field studies, surveys and data collection activities. Whether your tour forms part of depth study investigations or aims to provide an opportunity to apply STEM methods in real-life contexts, New Zealand offers both natural environments and technological marvels that are sure to excite.

Tour Highlights:

  • Participate in customised hazard identification field work
  • Investigate fault lines with hazard management engineers
  • Explore geomorphology and complete sketching and map drawing exercises
  • Learn how scientists record and interpret the complexity of ground surface ruptures
  • Discuss the impacts of earthquakes and tsunamis on marine environments with marine biologists
  • Participate in simulations that aid in the management of emergency situations
  • Join seismologists to investigate technological advances in the measurement of earthquakes and tsunamis
  • Explore advances in architecture and construction
  • Investigate waterways and human impact on aquatic life
  • Discover the efforts of conservation scientists in protecting native flora and fauna
  • Explore Māori astronomical time keeping, the Maramataka and other lunar and solar calendars, learning their function and the stories hidden in the stars
  • Take a snorkeling field trip to investigate marine biodiversity, human impacts on aquatic life and the importance of marine reserves for conservation

This program can be tailored to your individual needs. It can also be adapted to other year levels or to be in one location/state. Please contact us for further information.

Develop an appreciation and understanding of biological concepts that are used to explore the diversity of life on a depth study tour to New Zealand’s South Island.  Explore pristine landscapes teeming with native fauna and flora while undertaking a dedicated study program that will inspire students on their scientific journey. During this program, students engage with leading marine biologists as they are guided through the scientific process of investigation. Students learn how to formulate robust hypotheses that stand up against rigorous methodologies, research, evaluate and review data and understand the importance of bioethics in the context of research and education.

Tour Highlights:

  • Design and carry out individual investigations on an animal species, understanding its genetic makeup, adaptations and its behaviour in response to abiotic and biotic factors
  • Take part in surveys and data collection under the guidance of marine biologists
  • Apply bioethical understanding to practical research with animals
  • Familiarise themselves and learn how to interpret relevant statistical data
  • Make connections between their own investigations with biological concepts, models or other research

This program can be tailored to your individual needs. It can also be adapted to other year levels or to be in one location/state. Please contact us for further information.

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We’re committed to helping teachers and their students bring the Sciences, Technology/ICT, Engineering and Mathematics to life, by creating memorable and unique experiences.

Our tours are completely customisable, and we can easily create a unique tour for your school.


Australian Curriculum Senior Secondary Subjects

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth and Environmental Science
  • Physics

State Curricula Senior Secondary Subjects

  • Senior Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Psychology
  • Agricultural Science/Agriculture/Agriculture and Horticulture Studies
  • Earth Science
  • Marine Science
  • Science 21
  • Aerospace studies

International Baccalaureate DP

  • Biology SL/HL
  • Chemistry SL/HL
  • Computer Science SL/HL
  • Environmental systems and societies SL
  • Physics SL/HL

Sports, exercise and health science SL
Australian Curriculum F-10

  • Science

International Baccalaureate MYP

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Integrated Sciences
  • Australian Curriculum Senior Secondary Subjects
    • Design and Technologies
    • Digital Technologies

    State Curricula Senior Secondary Subjects

    • Computing- Informatics- Software Development
    • Design and Technology
    • Food and Technology
    • Food Technology
    • Graphics
    • Industrial Technology
    • Information Processes and Technology
    • Information Processing and Technology
    • Systems Engineering
    • Technology Studies

    Textiles and Design
    International Baccalaureate DP

    • Design technology SL/HL

    Australian Curriculum F-10 subjects

    • Design and Technologies
    • Digital Technologies

    International Baccalaureate MYP

    • Product Design
    • Digital Design
    • Combined digital and product design

Australian Curriculum Senior Secondary Subjects

  • Essential Mathematics
  • General Mathematics
  • Mathematical Methods
  • Specialist Mathematics

International Baccalaureate DP

  • Further mathematics HL
  • Mathematical studies SL
  • Mathematics SL/HL

Australian Curriculum F-10 subjects

  • Mathematics – Number and Algebra, Measurement and geometry,
  • Statistics and Probability

International Baccalaureate MYP

  • Mathematics and Extended Mathematics


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