“A theatre is the most important sort of house in the world, because that’s where people are shown what they could be if they wanted…” 
Tove Jansson


(International Baccalaureate)

Latitude Group Travel custom designs tours to link to the IB Theatre curriculum. Our expertise enables us to develop or identify specific, curriculum-linked, experiential learning activities to engage your students in active learning.


There are endless tour options that we can offer.  We work in consultation with you to carefully craft the ultimate customised tour.  Your tour is designed around Theatre only or it can be in combination with Film or any one or all of the mainstream or IB Performing Arts genres. This includes any year and any level.  We cover  all of the requirements of the Theatre curriculum, including assisting with the Theory of Knowledge essay through some of the experiential learning activities.  We include a vast range of experiential learning workshops, classes, one on one coaching, Q & A sessions and more.

Latitude Group Travel has wonderful contacts which allow us to develop bespoke activities to meet your specific requirements, in addition to the vast range of workshops and other experiential learning activities that are currently being offered to Performing Arts students in various parts of the world.  If it is out there – we know about it.  If not, we can develop it!


Safe and secure travel is paramount for us. Between our Managing Director and CEO alone, we have over 35 + years travel experience, in particular in worldwide, educational, student, group travel.


Our expertise allows us to organise your tour so that several subject groups can travel together successfully.  Imagine all of your groups concurrently engaged in their own area of interest – workshop, clinic, class or themed guided tour (and more).  Combine your IB students with your mainstream curriculum and we will ensure relevant activities for both groups.  Later, enjoy sightseeing and a range of other experiences together, so the groups feel as one.  Considering a tour in this way will assist with economies of scale and helps meet your minimum participant number requirement.

We are the only tour company experienced in taking a performing arts group on tour that includes Theatre, all the mainstream performing arts genres and also Media, Visual Arts and Film as well, if you wish.  We run specific activities for each group concurrently. This means that each group’s specific learning needs are met.  We  have contacts and providers offering some experiential learning activities only available through Latitude Group Travel and we also tailor make experiences to cover your specific requirements

Unconditional support every step of the way

At Latitude Group Travel, we’re here to make your travel experience enjoyable and stress free. We simplify the group travel process for you by taking care of all the details, leaving nothing to chance. From the moment you start planning your trip, we are with you every step of the way. Your experience is delivered in one seamless process and all the planning, preparation, logistics and hard work is done for you. With our knowledgeable tour directors by your side and our whole team behind you, you will have an extraordinary, safe, easy and rewarding travel experience – without any of the hassle!


Our itineraries allow your group to take in iconic sights, combined with as many experiences, classes, workshops, themed guided tours and curriculum-linked, experiential learning activities as you wish. We ensure that academic and practical endeavours are age and experience appropriate. Our knowledge of the IB curriculum ( along with any other curriculum you may teach) and our consultative process, ensures that we understand the learning outcomes required.

Example experiential learning activities:
  • Take a workshop on method acting, other acting techniques and the theory behind them, from an expert on theatre theorists and their techniques. Consider possibilities such as Adler, Strasberg, Meisner or another choice
  • Undertake a workshop in acting for film, then another in acting for stage to assist students with their acting project, as well as showing the varied techniques required for different media
  • Attend plays relevant to those the students are studying for “Working with play texts”
  • Experience an “up-close and personal” Q & A session with a professional director or actor to assist with the Theatre assessments and also to expose students to people currently in careers that the students may be considering for themselves in the future. This sheds a great deal of light on whether a particular student may or may not move forward, still considering these professions as something they might wish to pursue
  • We can also offer exposure to several members of the one theatre company, through a Q & A session, combined with a back stage tour of a theatre currently running a production. This will assist in understanding the different roles, approaches and opinions of the range of professionals, how a theatre company operates with those diverse opinions and how these differing opinions ultimately result in a cohesive theatre performance, night after night.
  • As a group, students can make their own short film, with some students as actors, some in production and others taking roles such as director, lighting, staging etc
  • Take a workshop where students will learn about the business of show business, so that they are able to understand the complexity of the business side of the industry
  • Travel to countries where students can be exposed to different world theatre traditions – or we can find these traditions within Australia or wherever you wish to travel to gain the greatest exposure to theatre in general


We’re committed to helping teachers and their students bring Theatre to life, by creating memorable and unique experiences.

We include active learning, workshops and classes, Q & A sessions, performances and so many other options fro which you can choose. Latitude Group Travel has a vast number of connections for specific classes, workshops and performances, which we will share with you on discussion about your prospective tour.


Contact us to discuss your unique requirements.