Project-Based Learning on Tour

In partnership with the History Teachers’ Association of Victoria, we have developed:

Destination Creation

Project-Based Learning as part of your tour

We understand that project-based learning can be a really engaging way to learn. What’s not to love about engaging with a real-life problem, topic or question and applying content knowledge and connections to various disciplines to investigate the topic, answer the question, or solve the problem? So we have come up with a way to incorporate PBL in our tours and encourage deeper learning before, during and after the tour. 

How does it work?

The Project

  • In pairs, students will be allocated a site/person/event/activity/workshop etc from the tour. The task is to make an innovative digital project about that subject
  • You’ll have more than enough of these to ensure every pair has a unique subject.  Possibly, if you have enough students, you will be able to cover most, or all of the tour in this way!

Before leaving

  • Students can begin to research their site/person/event/activity/workshop and collate information if  you wish – or you can ask them to wait until they are on tour to begin

While on tour

  • Students collect as much research information as possible on their site/person/event/activity/workshop, while they are there. They should take notes while listing to their tour guide or facilitator, collect pamphlets and more.
  • Students document their visit to the site. Take photographs, film the location, interview visitors or other relevant people (if appropriate) or perhaps your students will have another idea about how to capture the subject.

Back at school

  • Students review the information they have collected. How can they use it to tell an interesting story?
  • Students select the digital technology they think will help tell the story in the most interesting and creative way.
  • We have a suggested selection of digital technologies that can be used, or the students may come up with another idea, but PowerPoint and Prezi are banned!  They are way too simple….

DESTINATION CREATION – Digital Travel Album Showcase

  • Once completed, you can organise presentation in the classroom, or why not ask your students to present their project as part of a DESTINATION CREATION showcase for their friends and family.

Destination Creation can be added to any tour, anywhere in the world and we offer it for no additional charge. We will provide you with all the information and paperwork required to get started.


Contact us to discuss your unique requirements.