Why Choose GVI & Latitude Group Travel?

Experience is the Key

GVI has over 15 years of experience and runs its own projects.

Since GVI began in 1997, we have sent over 25,000 young people on trips all over the world.

Most describe their experience with us as life changing, with a 95% approval rate

  • Both Latitude Group Travel and GVI are ground operators – We do not use third parties to either develop the projects or conduct the tours/experiences. GVI runs and staffs the projects 24/7, all year round, which means they understand and know the area you will visit. Latitude Group Travel designs and develops the bespoke school group projects. Together, we are able to deliver high quality programs, service, support, safety, training and follow up before, during and after your experience
  • Our variety of options is unique and unrivalled – we offer language courses, community and conservation projects, leadership programs, cultural immersion, adventure activities and mountain trekking, alongside our bespoke curriculum and international program linked projects, developed specifically for your group’s needs
  • Peace of mind – you know that our projects make a real and positive impact on the local communities you visit. Since GVI started, they have developed over 150 projects around the world
  • Project ownership – we run our projects in partnership with local communities, according to the needs on the ground, so you know they are genuinely worthwhile
  • We are very different from most other school tour providers – we already have projects and programs in place. We have been working in these countries for over 15 years and are working hand in hand with the host communities to ensure their needs are being met. The programs are a completely unique offering in Australia
  • Safety is our priority – we have comprehensive safety and backup procedures in place and you will be provided with risk assessment documentation. You have 24/7 support on the ground and from our head offices
  • Flexibility – our tours are available all year round, so you tell us when you want to travel
  • The GVI Charitable Trust – enables your school to get involved with your program before you leave and stay involved after you return home
  • Both companies operate from a strong ethical and moral base and consider student education and personal development to be a major part of their role in the delivery of school tours


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