Newly introduced to the NSW Science syllabus, Biology Depth Studies will give the opportunity to students to further develop their understanding of one or more biological concepts.

Requirements: A minimum of 15 hours of in-class time for Depth Studies for both Year 11 and 12

Biology Depth Study ideas


Module 1 – Cells as the Basis of Life:

Island Life

  • Visit an island known for its significant natural and anthropological diversity making it an ideal location for marine and specialised terrestrial education and research.
  • Students take part in tagging and identifying fish and a waterway health analysis then undertake individual projects of their choice.
  • Carry out a plankton investigation to understand how they form the basis of life in the sea.

Module 2 – Organisation of Living Things

Marine Biota

  • Students take part in a fish dissection and an investigation of the reproductive methods of a diverse range of marine animals and plants.
  • Learn how cells, tissues and organs coordinate to sustain normal body function in multicellular organisms.
  • Students can also participate in a marine biology cruise and investigate the physical, behavioural and physiological adaptations of marine animals that help them survive in the sea.

Module 3 – Biological Diversity

Mangrove Mania

  • Students conduct transect and quadrat surveys in a mangrove ecosystem to better understand the natural processes and physical factors that affect mangrove ecosystems as well as the presence of flora and fauna in these ecological communities.
  • Investigate the different adaptations that organisms possess for living in mangrove ecosystems.

Module 4 – Ecosystem Dynamics

Wildlife Wonder

  • Students engage in a field investigation and a tree planting program to explore how human activities such as habitat destruction and farming have affected the ecological niches that individual species occupy and how sustainability can be achieved in these ecosystems.
  • Students then monitor wildlife to help establish the conservation status of a species, as well as develop an understanding of animal behaviour such as their movements, foraging strategies, reproduction and the way they adapt to their surrounding environment.


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