Get up to $10,000 off school trips and educational tours!

Australian schools are getting back to educational trips, tours and travel – and we couldn’t be happier!

We’re keen to get every Australian student back out into the world, and we’re offering schools a discount of up to $10,000 on all school trips and educational tours booked before the end of 2022.

We are dedicated advocates of educational travel to enable experiential learning opportunities for students. Getting students out into the ‘field’ – no matter what that field might be for your school or subject – is so necessary, but it’s been a challenge since the arrival of COVID.

Travel restrictions were a necessary measure to get us through the early days of the pandemic, but most of us are now ready to get back to experiencing the world around us, and everything it has to offer.

Touring and travel are especially important for the education sector. Why? Because there is only so much a student can do by reading a book or listening to a teacher. At some stage, those skills need to be transferred and applied to a real-world, hands-on environment. This helps students develop problem-solving skills, encourages them to ask questions and embeds critical knowledge.

Others will be re-energised in an existing subject because they’ve seen the real-world applications, which helps them understand why they are learning what’s in the school curriculum. It can even spark an interest in a subject that the student previously didn’t feel.

In fact, choosing the travel partner will complement what you’re trying to achieve in the classroom, and will enrich and enhance theory-based learning. More on that here.

Claim your discount on educational travel for your school

To celebrate the return of educational travel, we’re offering Australian schools up to $10,000 off educational trips and travel. The tour must be booked in before the end of 2022, but travel can be undertaken in 2023-24. In fact, it’s best to plan ahead – that’s how you’ll get the best experiences and deals!

How can we help?

Latitude Group Travel is Australia’s leading provider of school trips and educational tours for late primary and secondary school students. We’re committed to helping teachers and their students bring their classroom learnings to life by creating memorable and unique experiences. Our itineraries allow your group to take in iconic sights combined with as many classes, workshops, themed guided tours or subject related activities as you wish.

To find out more:

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Get in touch to find out how to claim the discount for your school.

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