Why strategy and risk management matter for school touring programs

Secondary school leaders want more strategic touring programs than what was available to them pre-COVID.

Jenny Murphy, Founder of Latitude Group Travel, contributed an article to the new issue of SchoolNews on why strategy and risk management are so important for forward school touring programs.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to school touring. The program that is right for your school will be aligned to your strategy, mapped to your curriculum and will cover domestic and international opportunities across all subjects and combination of subjects, including general capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities, should you wish.

Importantly, it will also ensure sound environmental and ethical choices for the planet, as well as creating meaningful learning outcomes for students. Safety and risk management should also be carefully considered in both the review and the tour planning.

Finally, the right partner will also be aware of your school’s socio-economic situation for budgeting purposes. Parents will appreciate not having to pay excessive amounts of money for tours without a strong focus on meaningful, engaging education!”

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