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Take your students on an adventure through history and culture with a Latitude Group Travel school History tour.

Our team of Research Specialists will custom design a curriculum-linked history tour, unique to the needs and requirements of your school and students. The Latitude Group Travel formula for success will save you time, provide peace of mind through comprehensive safety protocols and provide access for your students to the world’s best experiential learning activities.

Latitude Group Travel custom designs every tour, meaning we only include locations and experiential learning activities appropriate to the subjects and strands your students are learning.

Ancient civilisations were the birthplace of many systems and structures still present today. From Law to Art to Science, your students will discover these ancient systems as they explore ancient ruins and enchanting cities.

Popular Destinations: Greece | Italy | China | Japan

Trending Destinations and Experiential Learning Inspiration For School Group Ancient History Tours


Bring 5000 years of History and Ancient civilisations to life, explore incomparable archaeological treasures, discover the birthplace of modern society.

  • Participate in a living history experience exploring life as an Athenian
  • Learn the secrets of stone carving where ancient marble carving techniques are still in use
  • Participate in real archaeological digs
  • Introduce students to an Ancient Greek cooking class or explore the origins of the olive and olive oil


Discover Ancient Rome including the Colosseum, Pantheon and Roman Forum and the extraordinary Vesuvian cities and archaeological sites such as Pompeii and Herculaneum.

  • Take a unique tour of Rome’s ancient trading port with an archaeologist
  • Recreate Roman history and the life of a gladiator, by participating in Gladiator School
  • Translate and transcribe Latin onto ancient-style clay tablets
  • Recreate ancient Pompeiian mosaics

To find out more about these or any other destination, please contact us for further information.

Delving into Modern History encourages students to connect past and present. Study the causes and consequences of war and revolution, the aftermath and how they have led to today’s political, social and economic environment.

Popular Destinations: France | Italy | Germany | Russia

Trending Destinations & Experiential Learning Inspiration For School Group Modern History Tours


From Revolutions to modern day battlefields, not many destinations can enhance students’ understanding of the modern world like France.

  • Spend a ‘Day as a Digger’ in Passchendaele, replicating an actual march of WWI by dressing as soldiers
  • Undertake a tour of Paris through the eyes of the Philosophes and literary giants
  • Visit the new Sir John Monash Centre and retrace the footsteps of the ANZACs on the Western Front with a guide
  • Visit the Chateau de Versailles and discover the Treaty that gave Australia a seat at the international table


Include Italy on your Modern History tour and deepen learning around the rise of Fascism, the events and people central to the end of WW1 and the lead up to WW2.

  • Immerse yourself in a guided ‘Fascist Tour’, exploring the the rise and fall of Mussolini
  • Partake in an interactive workshop, studying deportation and resistance
  • Take a guided Geopolitical tour of Trieste


For students to truly understand modern history’s greatest tragedy, Germany is a must visit including Berlin, Nuremberg and Munich.

  • Delve into a workshop that explores the origins of communication propaganda
  • Study day at a concentration camp memorial
  • Investigate the lead up and consequences of the division of East and West Germany with an eye witness

Why not combine the three countries for a true investigation of History. Include Ancient History, Revolutions or other cross-curricular subjects?

To find out more about these or any other destination, please contact us for further information.

The American Revolutionary War, French and Russian Revolutions and Chinese Communist Revolution can all be explored on a Latitude Group Travel History tour. Students will be immersed in the events, people and stories central to the revolutions, understand how revolutionaries gained support and eventually succeeded. You can also delve into the post-revolution eras, where students can consider who was better or worse off as a consequence.

Popular Destinations: France | Russia | China | USA

Trending Destinations & Experiential Learning Inspiration For School Group Revolutions Tours

educational student tours america


Students can explore the origins of the American Revolutionary War conflict, the battles that raged across the northern theatre and the key players – Patriots, Loyalists and Redcoats.

  • Throw tea into the sea at the site of the Boston Tea Party and meet the courageous men and women responsible for this historic act of defiance
  • Role play the “single most important event leading up to the American Revolution”
  • Take a guided tour of the Jamestown Archaeological Site
  • Participate in a Colonial dinner at a traditional tavern


Students can relive the troubled times leading up to the storming of the Bastille Prison, overthrowing the King, and the “Reign of Terror”.

  • Undertake a tour of Paris through the eyes of the Philosophes and literary giants
  • Explore Château de Versailles for its extraordinary history, including the French Revolution and the Treaty of Versailles
  • “Meet” revolutionary leaders in a customised workshop
  • Eat cake like Marie Antoinette or visit her favourite chocolatier


The Russian Revolution was an explosion of grassroots democracy that destroyed a 300-year old dynasty and triggered a chain reaction worldwide. Students can study the revolution and investigate the reason for the movement’s demise.

  • Take a guided tour of the sites of major events surrounding the Russian Revolution: the Winter Palace (location of the Bloody Sunday Massacre), the opening of the first official Duma (the seat of the provisional government after the abdication) and the storming of the Palace in the October Revolution.
  • Experience the feeling of a nuclear attack in a Cold War bunker

To find out more about these or any other destination, please contact us for further information.

Give students the opportunity to delve into and understand Australian History where it happened – From the ancient history of our indigenous peoples, to our intriguing convict and colonial past right through to modern day society and Australia’s position in a global context.

Popular Destinations: Canberra | Tasmania | Sydney | Northern Territory

Trending Destinations & Experiential Learning Inspiration For School Group Australian History Tours


A trip to Canberra will help students understand our modern History, from our political systems to our recent war history.

  • Participate in an education program connecting students with the principles and actions of civics and citizenships in a historic environment
  • Explore the reasons we continue to remember the service and sacrifice of Australian servicemen and women in an educational “We will Remember Them” workshop
  • Role play “Democracy in Action”


From indigenous heritage to modern day tragedy, Tasmania has a rich History to share with students.

  • Aboriginal studies education program
  • Port Arthur education walk
  • Combine a history lesson and theatre experience which depicts the harsh life of incarcerated convict women and children awaiting assignment as a servant

Northern Territory

A visit to Australia’s red centre is a memory that will stay with students for life. Connect with the indigenous peoples, explore awe inspiring natural wonders and visit Coober Pedy’s unique underground township.

  • Spend time genuinely connecting and exchanging with remote indigenous Australians on their homelands
  • Participant in Aboriginal painting class and learn about the symbolism
  • Be led by an Elder through the Dreaming

To find out more about these or any other destination, please contact us for further information.

Extend the opportunity to travel to a wider cohort of students by developing a tour which combines a number of subjects. History can easily be combined with Art and/or a Language or any other subject choices you wish to make. Imagine all of your groups concurrently engaged in their own area of interest – workshop, clinic, class or themed guided tour (and more). Later, enjoy sightseeing and a range of other experiences together, so the groups feel as one. Considering a tour in this way will assist with economies of scale and helps meet your minimum participant number requirement.

Trending Locations For Cross-Curricular Tours

ANZAC Cove World War I tour Modern History tour


History + Language + Art

UK, France and Germany

History + STEM

USA, Vietnam, China or Europe

General Humanities tour

To find out more about these or any other destination, please contact us for further information.


We’re committed to helping teachers and their students bring History to life, by creating memorable and unique experiences.

Rather than just sightseeing, which is often what is provided for a History tour, we provide activities and projects to help your students develop critical thinking skills, to assist them in understanding primary and secondary sources and to engage them in active learning of the History subject you have chosen. We even develop our own projects for you, when workshops and other externally driven activities are not available. These are free of charge, but add value to the learning process by using observation, questions, answers, investigation and discussion. The projects commence in situ on tour and are completed on the group’s return, resulting in real learning and a tangible outcome that can be shared with others, if you wish

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  • History – Modern History
  • Ancient History
  • Modern History
  • Australian History
  • Global Empires
  • Revolutions
  • Twentieth Century History
  • International Baccalaureate DP
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  • Classical Studies
  • History
  • Integrated Humanities

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