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Showing our Female STEM Students that there’s a World of Possibilities!

Exposing them to the excitement and vast possibilities of potential STEM careers 

“Invent it, Build it” is a US program for years 6 to 8, with the intention of teaching STEM through exciting experiments and exercises. Ideally it is intended to show what’s possible in engineering and to encourage students to continue studying STEM programs throughout their high schooling and beyond. One of the most impactful actions we can take, particularly now, when the need for innovation – and a large increase in Science/STEM graduates – is so important, is to expose students to the huge variety and excitement of STEM careers.

Our approach to this is to encourage schools to take a STEM study tour– whether it’s to the USA, Europe or even domestically in Australia, where the experiences are equally valuable. The methodology we apply is the inclusion of a large number of experiential learning activities which involves exposing students to STEM experts,  whose sharing of their jobs in such a variety of situations really does impact students in ways even we didn’t necessarily expect!  Whether through a Q&A session, workshop, experiment, simulation or many of our other activities, these experts demonstrate the exciting – and vast range of  – future opportunities for students who continue their STEM studies through university and beyond.

We think you’ll appreciate this article and perhaps, if you are interested in finding out more about how we can make a potentially life changing impact on your STEM students, feel free to make contact and we’ll explain more. Meanwhile, enjoy the read…..

Please note that we have a number of STEM careers articles from Science News for Students on our Facebook page – because they were just so impressive – and we wanted you to have easy access to them all!

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