GVI Safety & Security

Safety is our priority

Safe and secure travel is a paramount for us – our number 1 priority

We have comprehensive safety and backup procedures in place.

GVI has excellent health and safety procedures and risk assessments for every destination, phase and activity. Each ten weeks the full risk assessment is updated.

  • Over 200 of GVI’s fully trained staff live and work in the same destinations and communities to which your groups will travel
  • GVI has over 15 years’ experience and have handled over 25,000 participants
  • GVI intimately knows the places they are visiting and in which they are working
  • Both GVI and Latitude Group Travel offer 24/7 support
  • All groups have GVI and Latitude Group Travel dedicated tour co-ordinators plus a GVI dedicated group leader
  • GVI takes advice from relevant embassies and foreign offices to ensure that they have up to date information on their destinations. Additionally field staff send regular information bulletins to HQ so they always know what’s happening on the ground
  • Latitude Group Travel maintains its knowledge of the safety of the destinations through Smartraveller’s alert system and will not provide travel to government recommended unsafe destinations
  • Latitude Group Travel completes and returns required information to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, which allows them to know exactly where you are in the event that they need to contact you or your family
  • Latitude Group Travel has over 35+ years of expertise in on-the-ground tour delivery


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