HTAV & HTAA major prize winners


Ashley Wood HTAV President, Emma Garner from Latitude Group Travel, Tori Brookes from Latitude Group Travel, Kara Taylor from Irymple Secondary College and Meri Rametta HTAV Senior Manager Events, Programs and Marketing

Congratulations to Irymple Secondary College!

Latitude Group Travel is proud to support the History Teachers Association of Victoria (HTAV) and we really enjoyed being part of the recent HTAV and History Teachers Association of Australia (HTAA) conferences that were held at Flemington Racecourse earlier this year.

Latitude Group Travel was very excited to be able to offer participants in these conferences the opportunity to win a fantastic prize – up to $20,000 off a school history tour to either reduce the total amount paid by each student or perhaps to pay for students that may not be able to afford to go on the tour.

This prize offered an incredible opportunity to take students virtually anywhere in the world on one of our custom designed, curriculum linked History Tours.

The draw took place at the last lunch break of the HTAA conference last week and a very emotional Kara Taylor accepted the prize on behalf of her school Irymple Secondary College.

We are really looking forward to working closely with Irymple Secondary College over the next 12-18 months to put together something amazing for their students.

Where to start with suggestions? Of course Irymple Secondary College’s choice will be influenced by their curriculum focus but we would love to make a few suggestions! Perhaps stepping back in time to Ancient Greece and Rome? Maybe a trip to Gallipoli and the Western Front to walk in the footsteps of the World War 1 diggers? What about walking the Freedom Trail of the American Revolutionary War? Or climbing through the Cu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam? How about exploring the impact of immigration on New York City? There are so many wonderful options available to challenge students to empathise, reflect and develop critical thinking skills. Don’t forget that our tours allow students to take in the iconc sights combined with as many classes, workshops, themed guided tours or subject related events to engage them in active learning experiences.

We will be closely following the process on the blog and will share all the excitement and planning that goes into the creation of one of our tours so you can all have a unique, insiders view of what we do at Latitude Group Travel.

Once again congratulations to Irymple Secondary College and Kara Taylor for giving up her school holidays to attend the conference! 😆

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