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Saint Stephen’s College Headmaster wins Grand Prize

Congrats to our Prize Winner!

All of us at Latitude Group Travel wish to heartily congratulate our Education Nation Conference Event Partner Competition prize winner! Headmaster of Saint Stephen’s College, Jamie Dorrington, was the lucky winner of up to $20,000 off a curriculum linked, educational tour.  Mr Dorrington can select any subject, or applicable group of subjects and the tour can travel almost anywhere in the world!  The lucky student participants will benefit from Latitude Group Travel’s careful crafting of a custom designed itinerary, inclusive of a large number and range of subject focused, experiential learning activities.  They will have the chance to undertake a range of workshops, Q & A sessions, themed guided tours, clinics, masterclasses and much more – all designed to help them learn by “doing” and engaging them in the activities. The accompanying teachers/chaperones will have a full time Tour Director/Guide, plus specialist subject/location guides where needed to organise all the logistics and provide knowledgeable commentary.

Previous Competition Winner Plans Their History Tour with Digger Re-enactment Day

The winner of a similar prize at the 2015 History Teachers’ Association of Australia (HTAA) and History Teachers’ Association of Victoria (HTAV) conferences is currently in the planning stages for their educational tour. They are basing their history tour around the Modern History World War I portion of the Australian Curriculum, travelling to France and Belgium and focusing on the Western Front. Their tour includes a fantastic program The Road to Passchendaele, where students reenact the role of the World War I digger. They walk in the footsteps of the original members of the Australian platoon which faced a bloody attack on 4th October 1917. This experiential learning event is historically correct and is a great example of the activities we include in our tours. Each group member will put him/herself in the position of one of the original diggers on that day, will learn about their individual man, how he lived and will discover his fate by the end of the day.

How you or your school can win a prize like this

As partners with both the HTAV and Geography Teachers’ Association of Victoria, Latitude Group Travel is offering a similar prize at both HTAV and GTAV’s annual conferences.  Both conferences are brilliantly informative and attract teachers from interstate as well as locally.  We look forward to seeing you there and wish you luck if would like to enter these competitions!

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