HTAV 2017 Annual Conference Prize – Win Up To $20,000 Off Your School History Tour


About the Prize

Latitude Group Travel is offering an incredible opportunity to take your students virtually anywhere in the world on one of our unique, custom designed curriculum linked history tours.

This amazing prize of up to $20,000 can go towards reducing the total amount paid by each student or perhaps can give some students the opportunity to go on a tour in which they may not have been able to participate without assistance.

The prize (up to a maximum value of $AUD 20,000) is a reduction, per paying passenger, in the following amounts:

  • $500 per paying passenger travelling on a Latitude Group Travel tour to Europe, the USA or the African continent
  • $250 per paying passenger travelling on an LGT tour to Asia or New Zealand
  • $150 per paying passenger travelling on a minimum 8 day tour within Australia
  • $100 per paying passenger travelling on a 7 days or fewer tour within Australia
Visit our stand at the 2017 HTAV Annual Conference or Middle Years Conference and complete an entry form for your chance to win

The prize will be drawn at the Middle Years’ Conference on Friday 20th October, just after lunch, so be quick.  All of the entries from the Annual Conference will be in the draw and you do not have to be present to win if you have already entered!





  1. Entries for this competition must be made by signing up at Latitude Group Travel’s stand at the HTAV Annual and Middle Years conferences.
  2. You may only submit one entry
  3. Delegates do not have to be present at the time of drawing to be eligible to win the prize
  4. To claim this prize, a booking and deposit must be made prior to the end of 2018 school year and travel must be taken in either 2018 or 2019.  Enough time must exist between the placement of the deposit and tour departure for LGT to successfully organise the tour
  5. All tours must be fully organised by Latitude Group Travel and must meet the needs and be approved of by the school
  6. Land, air and activities are the basic building blocks of a fully organised tour by LGT
  7. At least a part of the tour must be History based
  8. Home stays cannot be included in the tour.  Accommodation must be organised by Latitude Group Travel and may be approved by the School or Group Leader
  9. Visits to sister schools are permitted, but this must not be longer than one quarter of the tour
  10. The tour may be to anywhere in the world to which LGT travels, excluding any countries considered unsafe by the Australian Government, or Latitude Group Travel
  11. The tour may be for any length of time with the exception of the Australian trip which has conditions as listed in the prize details
  12. The prize must be taken on one only school, student or History teacher tour and may not be split over more than one tour.  If, however the school wishes to combine more than one subject, one of which must be History, we are amenable to offering the prize to all participating paying passengers.  This can assist with costs based on economies of scale for the school.  LGT is able to split the groups’ activities in places where appropriate
  13. Latitude Group Travel must be able to hold a meeting with the Group Leader, History teacher and other stakeholders to ensure that the itinerary meets the expectations of all involved.  This meeting may be face to face or by telephone conference.  The teachers must make themselves available when LGT requires input
  14. LGT must be involved in developing the itinerary with the school, rather than accepting a prepared itinerary from the school
  15. Since LGT costs its international tours using three currency rates and the exact cost of the tour is not determined precisely  until towards the end of the payment schedule ( the final balance invoice), the prize money reduction will be taken out of the final balance due invoice.
  16. Australian tours, though costed in AUD still require an exact calculation of the final cost and the prize money will be deducted from the final balance invoice
  17. Please note that the quotation give to the school will be as tight as possible, in the same way that we always quote to schools.  There needs to be a level of trust by the school in LGT that the school will not be overcharged for their tour in order that Latitude Group Travel appears to be trying to recoup any of the prize that we are offering. Latitude Group Travel offers this prize in good faith
  18. Should anyone cancel his/her tour, he or she is entitled to receive cancellations and refunds according to our terms and conditions.  This will not include the prize money deducted from the tour as this prize is not considered cash money
  19. The School and teachers involved in the tour must be prepared to work within LGTs standard processes and LGTs standard terms and conditions (please ask for a copy)  This includes the use of our standard registration forms and contracts
  20. A payment schedule will be negotiated with the school to suit the school, parents and LGT’s requirements to pay suppliers prior to the tour departure
  21. The deposit agreed to will include a non-refundable portion to cover expenses that LGT must make early in the process.
  22. Insurance for the group must be purchased by each participant, including chaperones.  If the School has its own insurance policy, LGT must have permission to read and evaluate this policy and approve it as being able to offer at least equal coverage to the insurance policy that LGT recommends at that time.  This is for the safety of all concerned.  Should the School’s policy not meet these standards, LGT will either insist on the purchase of the insurance policy recommended by us, or we must be given permission to discuss the areas of concern with the School’s insurance company or with the School’s representative.  If that company/underwriter cannot rectify the problem, the passengers will be required to purchase our recommended insurance.  We will do our best to resolve the issue with the school’s insurer and the school
  23. Should the purchase of insurance be required (i.e. the School does not have any or suitable cover for the tour as deemed by LGT) the cost of insurance must be paid with the deposit so that all participants are insured for cancellation costs ( please read the product disclosure statement carefully for which causes of cancellation are covered by the policy)
  24. Purchase of insurance must be made through Latitude Group Travel
  25. Unless the total number of students is 12 or fewer, LGT insists on providing a tour director.  This is both for safety and for logistical ease.  The tour director will be able to provide knowledgeable commentary to the tour group, as well as a range of other services, including ensuring that the tour runs smoothly
  26. There are no maximum numbers for the tour group
  27. The minimum number of paying passengers is 10
  28. Chaperones are accommodated in twin rooms, ideally at a ratio of 10:1.  Please note that if the school wishes to change the ratio of the chaperones or insist on single accommodation for all chaperones, the cost of the tour will change accordingly.  Single rooms will be provided at no extra charge where there are an odd number of chaperones, or due to gender mix
  29. Latitude Group Travel will allow the prize to be added together and split in any way the winner wants over the one tour. For example: the School may have students who could not afford to go at all and the School may wish to pay for those students out of the prize.  Should there be any of the prize left over, the School may then choose to split the rest of the prize in an equal amount across the balance of the students.    Latitude Group Travel will consider all options, but may not accept all options, if this impacts the way the prize was intended to be given.  The maximum amount of the prize is $20,000 AUD and is intended to be utilised by 40 students with a maximum discount of $500 per paying person.  In other words, should the school wish to subsidise the whole cost of some students, the maximum amount they can use is the number of paying students up to a max of 40 x $500.  For example, if there are only 20 paying passengers and the school is travelling to Europe, that maximum prize amount will be $10,000 which can be used as per the suggestions above
  30. In order to get the maximum benefit from this prize, you are welcome to combine with another school, if you wish, to bring your numbers up as high as you would like to go. For tours to Europe and the USA, the maximum benefit is received when you have 40 paying passengers.  Other tours can have more students if you wish.  Please enquire as to the maximum number for each tour.  If you wish to have more than 40 paying passengers on a Europe/USA tour, you can do so by either amortising the $20,000 over the higher passenger numbers, or have some pay full fare, while others will get the discounts.  We are happy to explain all the options to the winning teacher
  31. This prize is non-transferable and not redeemable for cash
  32. The tour must be for educational purposes, but this can include a group of adults with similar interests or profession, or teachers wishing to take an educational tour or similar group
  33. All participants must have valid passports and re-entry documentation for Australia. A valid passport is one that has a minimum of 6 months validity on the date of return from the tour.  No passports are required for an Australian tour.  Passport and visa validity is the responsibility of each paying participant
  34. This prize is intended to be for the purpose of allowing a school, organisation or institution to experience the value, unique approach and quality of Latitude Group Travel’s tours and services so that the winner, winner’s organisation or school or may choose to use Latitude Group Travel’s services in the future. This means that the tour should be curriculum linked with experiential learning activities included.  It is not just a sightseeing tour.  The tour will be custom designed for this group.
  35. To the extent permitted by law, you indemnify the Latitude Group Travel, its agents and servants from any claim, loss, damage or damages whatsoever, including, but not limited to, economic, direct or indirect loss, or personal injury suffered or sustained in connection with, or arising from, this promotion and the prize
  36. The winner and travelling companions must agree that they do not suffer from any illness or injury that prevents you from travelling
  37. Latitude Group Travel does not warrant the accuracy of any information provided to you about the promotion.
  38. Latitude Group Travel may collect your personal information, including, but not limited to, your name, likeness, email address, picture, employment position and employer name and participation in editorial activities (“Personal Information”)
  39. One winner will be chosen by Latitude Group Travel in their absolute discretion, based on chance, with applications drawn randomly from all entries. The winner is then allowed to determine the tour requirements according to these terms and conditions
  40. Latitude Group Travel may select alternative winners to replace any subsequently disqualified winner or a winner who does not claim their prize (“Alternate Winners”).
  41. All decisions of Latitude Group Travel are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  42. The prize will be drawn on Friday October 20, 2017 before 5pm AEST
  43. If not in attendance, the winner will be notified by email and phone by 5pm AEST on Monday October 23, 2017 and the winner’s name will be published on the Latitude Group Travel website and Facebook page or other social media site such as LinkedIn, Twitter or similar. All entrants are encouraged to view this notification which will be made by 5pm AEST on 24 October, 2017


You are eligible to enter if you:

  1. Are a person who is employed by a school and you must have attended the HTAV ANNUAL AND MIDDLE YEARS Annual Conference
  2. Are capable of travelling without risk to your health or are able to give this prize to your school to use without you travelling
  3. Submit a valid entry
  4. Read and agree to the terms and conditions.
  5. Do not breach the terms and conditions.
  6. Are not an employee or immediate family member of an employee of Latitude Group Travel
  7. Provide your full name, job title, state, valid email address, valid phone number and list your employer’s name
  8. Must inform us if your personal information changes during the Promotion Period
  9. Consent to our privacy policy
  10. Consent to the Latitude Group Travel disclosing, publishing and disseminating your personal information by any means including, but not limited to, in websites, social media, other media coverage, blogs, photographs and videos and for promotional purposes. We will not share your address or phone number, but we will share images, your name and your employer’s name
  11. Consent to Latitude Group Travel sending you emails for research, survey or competition reasons
  12. Grant Latitude Group Travel a worldwide, royalty free, perpetual, exclusive and irrevocable licence to use your entry for any purpose
  13. Unconditionally and irrevocably consent to any act or omission that would otherwise infringe any of your moral rights, or present and future rights of a similar nature, conferred by law anywhere in the world whether occurring before or after this consent is given (“Moral Rights”).
  14. Waive all Moral Rights that arise outside Australia
  15. Will not start, continue or support any claim or proceeding for infringement of your Moral Rights or intellectual property rights.
  16. Recognise that Latitude Group Travel is not responsible if a valid entry is not received whether this is caused by a system difficulty or malfunction or any other reason.
  17. Acknowledge that, if, for any reason, Latitude Group Travel cannot fulfil your tour requirements at the time that you wish to travel, we reserve the right in our absolute discretion to take any action that is legally available to reschedule or change the dates of your tour or to change the tour so that we can effectively deliver all components of it
  18. Acknowledge that Latitude Group Travel may, in its absolute discretion, disqualify an otherwise valid entry if, in our reasonable opinion, you have not complied with these terms and conditions or the entry process.

The Prize is:

  1. Subject to any terms and conditions of Latitude Group Travel or any third party providers which the Prize Winner must agree to before accepting the prize.
  2. Claimable up to 7 days after being notified of the prize. Latitude Group Travel may allocate the prize to an Alternate Winner if you are unable to travel in 2018 or 2019
  3. Substitutable for the prize of a similar value in Latitude Group Travel’s absolute discretion if for any reason the prize, or any element of the prize, is unavailable.
  4. Subject to the prize winner and all tour group participants satisfying lawful health, behaviour, age and safety requirements
  5. Exclusive of any additional costs and liabilities incurred by the prize winner that are not expressly stated as forming part of the prize including, but not limited to, spending money, meals, taxes (excluding flight taxes), additional travel, personal, property and health insurance, transport to and from departure point, items of a personal nature, in-room charges, wifi, losses, damages, claims, legal costs and

increased personal taxation liabilities (“Additional Costs and Liabilities”).

  1. You must pay and incur all Additional Costs and Liabilities. Latitude Group Travel, its agents and servants are not liable for any Additional Costs and Liabilities. You indemnify Latitude Group Travel for any Additional Costs and Liabilities you incur.

You must not:

  1. Tamper with the entry mechanism.

You must not submit an entry that:

  1. Contains invalid, incomplete or inaccurate information.
  2. Contains defamatory, offensive, harassing, threatening or intimidating statements or messages.
  3. Invades the privacy or any other rights of any third party or
  4. Breaks any law.
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